Robert Dennewald


Robert Dennewald was born in Luxembourg in 1953. After secondary school in Luxembourg he obtained a degree in civil engineering at the University of Liège (B).

In 1979 he joined the Luxembourg-based steel producer ARBED in its Technical Assistance Department. From 1983 until 1986, he took on the responsibility of promoting steel solutions for high-rise buildings in the New York office of ARBED. From 1986 until 1993 he took over the export sales of carbon steel long products in ARBED’s headquarter in Luxembourg. In 1993 he joined the cement group Ciments Luxembourgeois (Dyckerhoff A.G., Wiesbaden) as a director and took the responsibility of the prefabricated concrete business unit. In 1996 he was appointed President and CEO of Eurobeton S.A., and developed his company’s activities in the North-East of France.

In 2006, together with 4 financial partners, he initiated a MBO/LBO takeover of the Eurobeton Group. Beginning of 2010, through a secondary buy-out, he took a controlling interest in Eurobeton, which is a main supplier of building materials in Luxembourg with its subsidiary Chaux de Contern.

He is a former director of ING Luxembourg S.A. and of Redline Capital Partners, the President of investment fund EUREFI S.A. and the angel investor of cleantech company APATEQ and IT company e-Kenz.

Robert Dennewald was a chairman of FEDIL – Business Federation Luxembourg from 2006 until 2016 and a Vice-President of the Luxembourg Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member of the board of directors of the Jean-Pierre Pescatore Charity Foundation. He is married and the father of 4 children.

James Fuller


Mr. Fuller brings his experience of over 40 years in the ‎securities industry. Beginning in the brokerage industry, Mr. Fuller quickly rose to the ‎level of Managing Director with J. Barth & Company. His successes included creating ‎the Cash Management Account (CMA) product for Merrill Lynch. He also served as a ‎Senior Vice President of the New York Stock Exchange. Additionally, President Ronald Reagan ‎appointed him to a post in the Securities Industry Protection Corporation (SIPC).

Mr. Fuller handled Marketing for Charles Schwab for a period of four years before ‎taking a role as Senior Vice President of Bridge Information Systems. Mr. Fuller has ‎been active recently as a partner in Baytree Capital Associates LLC, a private equity firm based in San ‎Francisco.

Vladimir Podlipskiy, PhD

Interim Chief Executive Officer, Director

Mr. Podlipskiy has extensive experiences as a researcher in many senior science disciplines, involved in oil extraction technologies, car care, household consumer and cosmetic products and research into mould remediation products, all with a focus on the utilization of benign solvents/solutions. Previously, he held research appointments in new product development for EMD Biosciences, Inc., (Merck KgaA, Darnstadt, Germany), and worked as Chief Chemist in Research & Development for Nanotech, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, and as Chief Chemist for Premier Chemical, Compton, CA. He is a former Premier Chemical Scientist at UCLA's Department of Chemistry. Mr. Podlipskiy owns patents for innovative fuel additives and car care products and has authored several papers involving fuel re-formulator products and mould remediation. He is currently involved in research and development of new petroleum industry products, systems and technologies.

Mr. Podlipskiy is the principal research scientist responsible for the development of Petroteq Energy Inc.'s technologies used in its various oil extraction programs in Utah, and has recently finalized all fabrication/assembly details for the company's first oil sands extraction plant to be installed at Asphalt Ridge, Utah. He has worked extensively with a variety of suppliers from the U.S. and Eastern Europe in the planning and design stages of the extraction unit's systems. He holds a PhD Degree in Bio-Organic Chemistry from the Institute of Bio-Organic Chemistry & Petroleum Chemistry, Kiev, Ukraine, and a Degree in MS-Organic Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry, Kiev State University, Kiev, Ukraine.

Michael Hopkinson

Chief Financial Officer, Director

Michael is a US licensed CPA in the state of New Hampshire. Michael has over 25 years of US tax and public company experience. Having spent over 11 years working primarily for the accounting industry’s Big 4, his experience has been extensive in the cannabis, mining, pharmaceutical and real estate business sectors. Having served as CFO or director on numerous pubic companies he has comprehensive experience in the following areas:

- US-Canada Cross-Border tax and repatriation planning;
- Financial Statement Reporting -Quarterly & Annual;
- Capital Financing Activities;

A native of Edmonton, Alberta, Michael has been resident in Vancouver, BC Canada for the past 22 years. He played a short professional tennis career after playing for the University of Kentucky Wildcats, graduating in 1995.

Robert Chenery


Robert J. Chenery has worked in the Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry for over 40 years. This experience primarily focuses on reservoir analysis, evaluation and management throughout North America and several international locations. Since 1981, Mr. Chenery has been President of Chenery Dobson Resource Management Ltd, a firm specializing in the evaluation and management of oil and gas assets primarily controlled by investors, banks and other financial institutions.

In addition, on behalf of some of the same clients, Mr. Chenery has been the CEO and/or Chairman of the Board of several small oil and gas enterprises. Prior to 1981, Mr. Chenery was a member of the Senior Management team of the Elf/ Aquitaine Group in Canada. Academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Science in Geological Engineering and a Masters in Business Administration. Mr. Chenery is also a member, in good standing, with the Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists and Geophysicists of Alberta (APEGGA).