Petroteq Announces Letter to Shareholders from R. G. Bailey, CEO and Chairman

SHERMAN OAKS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / October 19, 2021 / Petroteq Energy Inc. ("Petroteq" or the "Company") ‎‎(TSXV:PQE)(OTC PINK:PQEFF)(FSE:PQCF), an oil ‎company focused on the development and implementation of its proprietary oil-‎extraction and remediation technologies, issues a letter to shareholders from R. G. Bailey, Interim CEO and Chairman.‎

Dear Valued Shareholders,

I have been a Board Member of Petroteq since 2011, and in August 2021 was appointed as the Company's Interim CEO and Chairman to bring my management and engineering experience to enhancing the reputation of the Company and helping with its growth in the energy market. I have a life-long career in the petroleum industry, including 5 years as President of Exxon in the Arabian Gulf region. I have been involved in all aspects of the oil industry, from exploration, development, production and refining. As a chemical engineer, I understand the technical challenges of the industry, while being experienced enough to lead the strong team at Petroteq to develop solutions for the tasks at hand.

My objective is to lead the Company to become a viable competitor in the oil market, utilizing Petroteq's environmentally-friendly Clean Oil Recovery Technology ("CORT") for extracting oil from oil sands. Our mission is to turn locked oil sands into a viable source of high-quality crude oil while mitigating soil contamination. I firmly believe that this is a winning solution for using clean technology to produce energy from oil deposits.

The COVID-19 pandemic has negatively impacted the oil industry worldwide. Nevertheless, during the last two years we have succeeded in advancing our Company in the face of unprecedented economic and operational challenges:

  • We successfully completed construction of a 500 bpd oil extraction plant;
  • We sold our first commercial license to Greenfield Energy LLC for $2,000,000 plus a 5% continuing royalty;
  • Extensive testing of samples of heavy sweet oil produced by Greenfield Energy LLC using our CORT process at Quadrise Fuels International plc's research facility in Essex, England, has confirmed that the samples are amenable for use in the production of a low viscosity oil-in-water emulsified synthetic heavy fuel oil utilizing Quadrise Fuels' MSAR® and bioMSAR™ technologies;
  • We have analyzed and tested the clean sands produced as a byproduct of the CORT process, and have determined they can be sold as a resource to different industries, including for use as a potential frac sand;
  • We have received a FEED (Front End Engineering Design) study for a 5,000 bpd oil extraction plant. This study was prepared by Crosstrails Engineering LLC;
  • We have received a third-party technical evaluation for a 5,000 bpd oil extraction plant. This evaluation was prepared by engineering firm Kahuna Ventures; and
  • Barr Engineering, through close collaboration with the Petroteq team, is working on a full set of permits and mining plan for the 5,000 bpd plant.

We believe that our CORT process is unique and stands alone as the most eco-friendly and cost-effective oil sands oil extraction method. It is waterless, and our solvent is recyclable and highly efficient with minimal ecological footprint or emission to land or air. Based on Kahuna Ventures' third-party technical evaluation report, the cost of production of one bb of oil based on our proposed 5,000 bpd plant would be less than $25 which would be highly competitive compared to conventional methods of oil sands extraction. Our initial objective was to prove the economic model and environmental validity of the CORT process, and the initial commercial venture was construction of a 500 bpd plant in Vernal, Utah, to demonstrate the feasibility and economy of scale.

The oil sands typically range in oil content from 1-2% to as much as 18%, depending on geographical location. Our technological and commercial advantages permit the extraction of oil to a level of practically zero hydrocarbons in soil, and the return of the treated, clean sand to the ground. The resulting oil is considered heavy oil with the gravity being below 10-17 degrees API. Refiners are in need of this heavier oil to blend with lighter crudes to allow production of the full range of petroleum products from their units. We have sold oil to these refiners.

I believe that it is extremely important to emphasize the commitment of our entire team to the environment. While the oil and gas industry is typically high in carbon emissions globally, when Petroteq was founded part of our mission was to make the earth greener. Once the ore is washed of oil, the sand has been remediated and it becomes environmentally clean soil; the land that was restricted in use can thereafter be viable for usual activity, and the sand stays or can be moved elsewhere.

The market opportunity for our CORT process is exceptional, with WTI (West Texas Intermediate) currently above $80 per barrel, we believe that there are oil sands around the globe that need our technology and I plan to seek agreements in such locations where we and our partners can deploy this solution. The approach with other groups is to license the technology and to offer joint ventures to assist other entities. We have already achieved an initial license contract.

As shortages of oil propel higher prices, we will aim to expand our production capacity. We are working on the second stage (full engineering drawings) of the design of an even larger plant with expected daily capacity of up to 5,000 barrels per day. The feasibility study (first stage) of the plant design and our CORT process has been verified by an independent third-party engineering group. We have leased more acreage near Vernal, Utah with the view to expanding our bitumen resources, while maintaining agreements to outsource the operations to other entities. Nevertheless, we will keep a small core team of experts to manage the business, without the expense of a large manpower payroll. Additionally, we anticipate further expanding our efforts to license our technology worldwide, which would have the potential result of licensing fees and royalties from production.

Our going forward the plan is to build on our already exhibited success. Subject to successfully raising the necessary capital, we would seek to construct a larger plant; seek domestic and global partners and ventures with licensing agreements; and enhance the management tools and improve our media message to assure that shareholders and capital markets are fully aware of our results and achievements. We have established the viability and efficiency of CORT process, which allows us to move to a higher level of performance and with a goal of delivering the results that our shareholders expect.

I would to thank the many shareholders that have believed in our abilities, and have faithfully stood with us in this journey. Your support is vital to our continued success. Thank you.

R. G. Bailey, Chairman and Interim CEO, Petroteq Energy Inc.

In addition, the Company announces its intention to complete a debt conversion transaction with an arm's ‎length service creditor pursuant to ‎which the Company will issue 2,010,521 common ‎shares of the Company at a deemed price of ‎US$0.119 per share in satisfaction of US$239,252. The ‎Company (with the creditor's consent) determined to satisfy the indebtedness with common shares in ‎order to ‎‎preserve the ‎Company's cash for use on its extraction technology in Asphalt Ridge, Utah, and for ‎working ‎capital.‎ The debt conversion transaction is subject to approval of the ‎directors of the Company and regulatory approval from the TSX Venture Exchange (the "Exchange"). The ‎foregoing securities will be issued in reliance on exemptions from the registration requirements of the United ‎States Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the "U.S. Securities Act"), and applicable state securities laws, and ‎will be issued as "restricted securities" (as defined in Rule 144 under the U.S. Securities Act). In addition, the ‎securities issuable will be subject to a Canadian four-month hold ‎period.‎

About Petroteq Energy Inc.

Petroteq is a clean technology company focused on the development, implementation and licensing of a patented, environmentally safe and sustainable technology for the extraction and reclamation of heavy oil and bitumen from oil sands and mineable oil deposits. The versatile technology can be applied to both water-wet deposits and oil-wet deposits - outputting high-quality oil and clean sand.

Petroteq believes that its technology can produce a relatively sweet heavy crude oil from deposits of oil sands at Asphalt Ridge without requiring the use of water, and therefore without generating wastewater which would otherwise require the use of other treatment or disposal facilities which could be harmful to the environment. Petroteq's process is intended to be a more environmentally friendly extraction technology that leaves clean residual sand that can be sold or returned to the environment, without the use of tailings ponds or further remediation.

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